Cee Goods "Be Free" ft Champagne Duane

by Cee Goods

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A creative approach to the depths of our society. Music inspired by more recent events that society has been dealing with since the beginning of our country.


Intro - Cee Goods

Yo I need all my listeners right now to open up they mind/ I want you to think about yo life, yo family/ whether you got kids, a wife, parents/ I want you to think about what you do in this world/ If it’s what you love to do.

Verse 1 - Cee Goods

yo I'm let these ashes burn while my homie roll another one/ my eyes closed stressed while I'm talking to the holy one/ cuz nas's God son made me think about society/ in lights that shine differently with inconsistencies/ cuz to reflect on our country nowadays/ the gap between humanity will serve a healthy price to pay/ at last, what we do for cash it's beyond greed/ cuz we killin everything in sight which is everything we need/ the hate is what we feed on God bless us/ I know you heard it before but can you help us/ cuz my belief in my own brothers has grown thin/ when we got ppl dying still from colored skin/ I know it's nothing new but I would've hoped my future kids wouldn't have to live what my pops went through/ forgive me for thinking, that progress was made/ it's 2015 and man are still enslaved/ I feel the anger building hold up lemme hit that/ Ima take a couple puffs and then I'll get back/... because I got my own demons in my head that I need addressed/ I get caught up in the fiction always tryna impress/ I lose sight of what matters and go blind to the truth/ my ego proves new levels man hallelujah/ watch out they'll shoot ya/ and they walk free evidence not conclusive/ I just wanna be me/ with my rights exclusive/ cuz this my song, my freedom of speech, that's what we want to believe/ but it's far from the case/ words can get you killed fast, like Sandra bland case/ this type of actions happen on a daily base/ man erase my face, I don't wanna be a target/ watch them spark it/ we on a race but I feel like I'm chased/ I just wanna do me, win a Grammy, have a family and block the haters w a canopy/ man you feel me, it ain't much to ask/ I'm singing Jonny cash taking sips from the flask/ poppy you here with me/ you ain't never left my side/ you the spirit within to keep me pushing on drive. May ya soul still live on and on you'll last forever through my eyes/ Ima do all I can to leave a dent in this world/ there's more to life then just work and payin rent in this world/ I'ma reach my dreams/ Ima smash my goals/ Ima smoke this hookah man pass me the coals/ these is just my thoughts/ These are just my thoughts

Hook - Cee Goods

As the days go by/
And night falls/
We just want to BE FREE/
We just want to BE FREE/

Verse 2 - Champagne Duane

Somewhere between Alberta and Killingsworth/ education's being murdered and kids are killing their worth/ Mustard on the beat, her onion looking sweet/ but there's ketchup on the street, we let it spill to the earth/ it took Newtown for us to put the tools down/ Trayvon got blazed on and we just played on/ we change the stati-on/ but that don't stay strong/ we give the money back to the dude we get paid from/ Damn you commissioner/ we just tryin to get ahead like shampoo and conditioner/ asked you to fix the schools/ you went and rigged the rules/ you just switched the tools/ we still slaves on that field, whether we win or lose/ let's make work happen/ no mercy til they dirt nappin/ like trying to make that burp happen... who got my back/ who took my red n black/ lumberjack/ wit the hat to match/ I need answers/ not these back up dancers selling me dreams/ like I'm really gonna believe they make a dishonest living/ what's dishonest is that they piss on us and give it to the children/ they talkin brag brag boast boast/ mad swag, both coasts/ here's the problem with that, they ave-rage at most/ and all we heard was Thug Life/ but right above the tattoo the message was to love life/ but anyway, I'll put my feelings away/ Back em up to the cloud. Save em for rainy days

Outro - Cee Goods

We just want to BE FREE
We just want to BE FREE
We just want to BE FREE
We just want to BE FREE


released September 2, 1985
Artists: Cee Goods & Champagne Duane
Producer: Cee Goods
Mixed by: Zebulon Dak of Momentum Studios



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Cee Goods Los Angeles, California

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Los Angeles, CA

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